Monday, February 15, 2010

NooB in The House :D

Warning: this post may contain liessssss......
well.. he-hello im airabanana(not for real) call me aira, im 62 years old..rly(still available, so hurry n marry me), i love banana born in the year of the monkey , i look like a monkey n smells like one. my dad call me a monkey coz im clumzy n bla bla bla.. im a shy type n real life.. like really shy.. people say im antisosial but thats okay i guess coz i have friends :'D we usually talk about **** and***.Anyway ,im a fan of Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a the hottest guy in my brain (bi-rain). i only think that he is mine n mine get mad other fan girl... coz im in histeria mode as u do. ...
while im typing nonsense in this blog n im guessing nobody will read this. so i just want to say..
I DRAW ,yes i am..

this is my last year practice.
well.. better than nothing rite? :/ i hope i'll turn out better when i turn 100 years old :D so wish me luck

i'll ended the post with a confession
....... im ugly n im proud(spongebob lines)

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